Exploring Gender Variance Through Art

"Holding the Moon," by Jacqui Beck.

“Holding the Moon,” by Jacqui Beck. This painting is one of 4 that are available for purchase as archival prints. See all five prints for sale.

Welcome to Gender Personal. Created by Seattle artist Jacqui Beck, Gender Personal looks at one of the most central yet under-explored aspects of our nature: gender variance.

What Is Gender Personal?

Gender Personal explores and celebrates gender variance through art, poetry, and recorded interviews. Its vision is to increase awareness of the natural experience of gender variance and to foster understanding, leading to social change and acceptance. Read more about the project....

Gender Personal: The Book

Since the inception of Gender Personal in 2012, interest in gender issues has skyrocketed. Mainstream media have produced films and television series centering on these topics, and a number of famous people, including Caitlin Jenner, Laverne Cox, and Lana Wachowski, have publicly come out as transgender. The courage of these women is remarkable. It’s clear that people around the world are ready to delve more deeply into this issue.

 However, even with these positive events, being gender variant can be incredibly challenging and risky. Caitlin Jenner poignantly described this in her acceptance speech for the Arthur Ashe Award:

I know the people in this room have respect for hard work, for training, for going through something difficult to achieve the outcome that you desire. I trained hard, I competed hard, and for that, people respected me.

But this transition has been harder on me than anything I could imagine. And that’s the case for so many others besides me. For that reason alone, trans people deserve something vital. They deserve your respect. And from that respect comes a more compassionate community, a more empathetic society, and a better world for all of us. [Read/watch the entire speech:]

Why a Book?

Gender Personal has a unique perspective to lend to the conversation. Until now, our exposure has been limited primarily to those who have visited the Gender Personal exhibits or attended one of several local talks. As a book, Gender Personal stands to reach a much broader audience. Not only will we create a physical representation that people can purchase, read, display in their homes, discuss, and use in gender-study courses, but we’ll also spark book reviews, broadcast interviews, and the newsworthiness that a book generates.


What Will the Book Contain?

Gender Personal will be available in both print and e-book versions. The book will include interviews, paintings, and poems celebrating the 8 interviewees, as well as photos of the interviewees and of our public events.

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