Aidan Younger people, kids, can sometimes take to an activity much more quickly. They can get the basics and then fly with it much more quickly than adults who might have some already packaged-up expectations.
So in the same respect the younger generations, like the kids of the families in the support groups, they’re light-years ahead of their parents at nine years old, in terms of understanding gender and who they are in the world. They may not have the actual language to articulate it, but they’re trying.
And I believe that because of this examination of gender that trans people inspire, and what’s been added [to] and growing in terms of LGBT community, It’s going to completely change the face of that community.
It won’t take long before—I think, I don’t know—before even using ‘lesbian’ ‘gay’ ‘bisexual’ will be recognized as obsolete, because it is dependent on only two genders. It’s just as rigid as heterosexual construction of sexuality and of gender. So I’m curious to see how the younger generations are going to move with it.—Aidan

Jacqui’s paintings, inspired by her interview with Aidan
All paintings are mixed-media. Click any image for a larger view.

"And male and female," by Jacqui Beck, inspired by Aidan.

And Male and Female, 16″ x 16″

 "Standing Forth," by Jacqui Beck, inspired by Aidan.

Standing Forth, 18″ x 18″

"A Complicated Path to an Interesting Place," by Jacqui Beck, inspired by Aidan.

A Complicated Path to
an Interesting Place, 48″ x 44″