An Interview with Jenn


Jenn: click for larger image.

Jenn [talking about her childhood]: I had no one to talk to talk about [feeling like I was a girl], no one to turn to. But I’m pretty sure that I told [someone at my] school. I went to a counselor and I was having huge emotional feelings and I didn’t know what to do with them.

There was this girl, Olanza, and I wanted to be just like her, and I knew it was a weird thing to be thinking. I wanted to be just like this girl. I looked up to her. I envied her. To feel that way was really confusing.

"Dark of the Moon," by Jacqui Beck. Like all of us, Jenn wanders through the dark depth and richness of her inner self as she finds her way.

“Dark of the Moon,” by Jacqui Beck. Click for larger image.