An Interview with Laura


Laura: click for larger image.

 Jacqui: What do you want others to understand about how you experience yourself and your gender?

Laura: That it’s not something new, and that I don’t feel like I was keeping secrets from anyone . . . that to a great extent, everybody in my life is learning about this on nearly the same learning curve as I am. That I’ve always experienced myself the way that I do now, but had either fewer words or less ability to articulate it. 

I’m guessing that that is markedly so because it probably began before verbal for me […]. That although I lived outwardly as a male for 52 years, the trappings and responsibilities that came along with having a male gender never felt appropriate to me, and that a female gender identity does feel totally congruent. That somehow feeling correct in my experience of my gender is pivotal to my sense of feeling happy and satisfied in this lifetime.

 "Light of the Moon," by Jacqui Beck, inspired by Aidan.
“Light of the Moon,” by Jacqui Beck. Click for larger image.