An Interview with Rafael/a


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Rafael/a: Coming into hormones and then later surgery, was like, I have something. I planned something for myself.  I’m looking towards this thing, and because I’m doing this thing, that means I’m changing because I want to be here. [...] the fact that you’re investing in doing this thing means that you’re going to be here after that event also, like after the surgery. Continue reading 

An Interview with Zoë


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Zoë: It wasn’t a decision; it was a realization of who I am.

I was four when I first asked to get a dress. I asked my mom a few times, and eventually she. . .most of the time she just said ‘yes we can,’ but we didn’t actually do it. But one time I asked and she did say we could so we went to Goodwill Continue reading 

An Interview with Aidan


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Aidan: Younger people, kids, can sometimes take to an activity much more quickly. They can get the basics and then fly with it much more quickly than adults who might have some already packaged-up expectations.

So in the same respect the younger generations, like the kids of the families in the support groups, they’re light-years ahead of their parents at nine years old, in terms of understanding gender and who they are in the world. Continue reading