Laura Jacqui: "What do you want others to understand about how you experience yourself and your gender?"
Laura: "That it’s not something new, and that I don’t feel like I was keeping secrets from anyone…that to a great extent, everybody in my life is learning about this on nearly the same learning curve as I am. That I’ve always experienced myself the way that I do now, but had either fewer words or less ability to articulate it.
"I’m guessing that that is markedly so because it probably began before verbal for me […]. That although I lived outwardly as a male for 52 years, the trappings and responsibilities that came along with having a male gender never felt appropriate to me, and that a female gender identity does feel totally congruent. That somehow feeling correct in my experience of my gender is pivotal to my sense of feeling happy and satisfied in this lifetime."

[NOTE: Laura’s interview transcript is not currently available.]

Jacqui’s paintings, inspired by her interview with Laura
All paintings are mixed-media. Click any image for a larger view.

"Light of the Moon," by Jacqui Beck, inspired by Laura.

Light of the Moon, 14″ x 17″

 "Unto Herself," by Jacqui Beck, inspired by Laura

Unto Herself, 18″ x 18″

"What's Inside," by Jacqui Beck, inspired by Laura.

What’s Inside, 12″ x 12″